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I found a baby!

Welcome to Squirrel Refuge. We’re here to help you and the squirrel in your care. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to providing wildlife rehabilitation, education, sanctuary, and humane treatment for squirrels living in the wild or as exotic pets.   We also help locate qualified resources for any injured and orphaned wildlife in Clark County.  Check out the resources under ‘Other Wildlife Help’.

We are located in Vancouver Washington within the Portland Oregon metropolitan area.   Not near us? No problem. Follow the link to Locate a Wildlife Rehabilitator Near You.

I Found a Baby!
Orphan Care
Adult Squirrel Care
Orphan Care

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You found a baby squirrel, now what?  

Resources Adult Care

Local resources for information and help with wildlife.

How to care for a baby squirrel.

                                                    Photo by Dawn Baker Holen

Adult squirrel Care

                                        Photo by Terry Kerr

Other Wildlife Help
Need help with other wildlife?

Found a  bird, bunny, opossum, deer or raccoon?  Help is available!

Photo by Dawn Baker Holen

Squirrel Diseases & Illnesses
Sick Squirrels

Common Injuries, illnesses and diseases.  Zoonotics!


Founding a Wildlife Center

Become a rehabilitator

How you can help Clark County wildlife!

Clark county’s injured and orphaned wildlife depend on the limited time and financial resources a single private citizen.  Clark County needs a fully functional wildlife center!

Find out more about the problem

Join us in cooperation with local veterinarians, volunteers, and others interested in helping distressed wildlife living in Clark County through the foundation of a wildlife care facility.

Find out more about how you can help

Found a baby squirrel?  Need help with injured or orphaned wildlife?