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Please don’t make orphans

95% of the animals arriving at Squirrel Refuge are orphans.  The most common reason animals are orphaned:

1) Free roaming cats bring home a baby rabbit or squirrel

2) An unsupervised dog comes across a nest of bunnies or a baby squirrel on the ground.  Dogs frequently kill mother opossums along with  babies.

3) The mother is killed by a car.  After a few days squirrels will start jumping from the nest. When a mother opossum is killed, her babies often survive.

4) Tree is removed or trimmed in the spring or fall.  The fall is the busiest time of year for eastern gray squirrel births.

5) Pest removal companies, wildlife operators, or home owners remove the mom and leave the babies.

In Oregon, they are required to euthanize all wildlife unless released on the property where found.

Guests of squirrel Refuge