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I found a baby!

If you’ve found a baby squirrel or other small mammal, this decision tree will direct you to the resources you need to determine if you should collect the baby; and if so, what you can do to help.   

If you’ve found a bird or larger mammal, please click on the link to the right entitled, ‘Help for birds and other mammals.’  Squirrel Refuge does not hold the necessary permits to hold these animals nor the experience to care for them.  

If you are unable to locate a wildlife resource to properly care for the animal, please contact us and we will try to assist you.

Stabilization & Transport
Transporting Wildlife

Instructions for addressing the squirrels immediate needs; as well as, preparation and handling before and during transport to a wildlife rehabilitator or center.

Orphan Care
Orphan Care

What to do when no help is available.  Everything you need to know  from choosing formula and tools, how much and how often to feed, problems to watch for, and more!  This information is appropriate for most orphaned wildlife, not just squirrels.

Contact us
Contact us

We can’t always help but we will always try.  Contact us for assistance locating a local resource or for current information to help you make the best decisions for you and the wildlife in your care.

Most orphaned and injured wildlife has some degree of dehydration.

After treating life threatening injuries and providing warmth, addressing hydration is the next step in stabilizing the squirrel.

Going to the Bathroom
Treating Dehydration Bathrooming

Baby’s with their eyes closed must be stimulated to urinate (pee) and defecate (poop). They cannot do it without help!

This page provides step by step instructions for accomplishing the task after every feeding.

Treating Dehydration
Orphan Determination

Assistance with trying to reunite a baby with mom; as well as information to help you determine if the baby needs your help.

Is this an orphan?
Help for Birds & Other Mammals

Squirrel refuge doesn’t hold a migratory bird permit or licenses required to accept  medium to large sized animals, or dangerous wildlife. Click here for Resources for other  species or contact us for advice.

Need help with other wildlife?

Links and other helpful resources to assist you in finding qualified help for injured and orphaned wildlife.

Find a Wildlife Rehabilitator
Basic First Aid

Discussion for  addressing bleeding, bite wounds and basic cleansing of injuries to support proper healing.

Information on oral and topical antibiotics safe for squirrels.

Find a Rehabilitator
Warming the Baby

If the baby is cool to the touch it must be warmed.

This section discusses methods for warming the baby.  

Warming the Baby
Need help with other wildlife?