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better place one squirrel at a time

Things we always need!

People with a passion for wildlife who want to become licensed wildlife rehabilitators.

Foster mom’s and dad’s to bottle feed babies.   

People who can be ‘on call’ to pick-up non-dangerous wildlife, receive wildlife during regular work hours, or drop off and pick up from veterinary appointments.

Nuts (with or without shells), acorns.  Whole frozen chicken wing tips, necks, and small fish. Fresh fruits and vegetables.

Flannel, fleece and snag free cotton blankets.

Untreated antlers & clean bones (large animals such as goat, beef, deer, or elk bones).

Financial donations to purchase food, medication and veterinary care.

Veterinarians willing to provide donated or discounted supplies and services.   

First aid supplies, syringes, lactated 1ringers solution.

Gently used cages - the larger the better! Minimum size we need is large enough to house rabbits.

People who can ‘baby sit’ when regular fosters need to go out of town.

Clean and functional animal crates from very small to extra, extra large.

People with property wooded property and a year round water source for release sites.

Lumber and building supplies to build pre-release housing, enclosures and release boxes.

’No shut-off’ heating pads.

Interested in a position on the Board of Directors?

Getting the right board of directors is key to the success of the wildlife center. Our board members must be qualified to help us make good business decisions and remain financially healthy while holding focus on our core values of CARE for Wildlife - knowing what we do and do not do - while ensuring adequate funding to enable us to deliver programs and services.    

We are seeking members with a love for wildlife, an expertise in one or more of the skill sets below (not in any particular order of importance), and access or a desire to reach out to community leaders, local groups, organizations, and individuals with financial resources that may be interested in furthering this cause.

Clark County Wildlife needs your help!

Starting a wildlife center from the ground up begins with a solid plan.  Actually, several plans!  We need a strategy for a future wildlife center while handling the needs of distressed wildlife today!  

We are seeking people for advisory positions as we form the Board of Directors and define how we will do business.  These advisory positions will help us to clearly articulate our mission, vision, core values, ethics, operational and strategic plans.  These individuals and committees will do the research that will inform decisions during this critical planning period.   

If participation in one of these positions looks interesting to you, you have some ideas you’d like to share, or you think maybe a position on the Board of Directors is more your nut to crack, please Contact us.   We are excited to hear from you!

Board Development

This committee will work with the Program Development members to draft the Board Member Packet that functions to ensure prospective members understand every aspect of this business and their critical role in our success. This group will conduct research to grow recruitment, enhance member development, and define retention strategies to keep the board empowered and engaged.  This group will be the ‘feet on the ground’ driving to build a winning board, piece by piece.

Program Development

Program development helps to define the services provided as part of our core vales of Compassion, Advocacy, Rehabilitation and Education that serve Clark County’s citizens and wildlife.  Research will be conducted to ensure we are able to have the greatest impact for each dollar spent. Questions such as, ‘What species will we rehabilitate, and how many?’ will be decided. Decisions such as these will impact financial planning as we consider the costs for food, initial and pre-release housing, medical care, training, and pre-exposure vaccinations.

Start-up Operations

This committee will work out what we need to get the Center ‘off the ground’, identifying what we need in location, equipment, supplies and staffing; as well as, isolate the lowest cost solutions to address our core needs.

We need people with the energy and dedication to do the foot work and lay out all of the obvious, and not so obvious, options to meet the physical needs of the center.

Grants & Funding

Research funding sources available and how to engage them.  Can new sources be developed? Research how other non-profits met their start-up and ongoing operational needs. Research and propose fundraising ideas.


We always need volunteers willing to build release houses and pre-release enclosures.

Do you have some skill or service you think we could useful in this effort? Please let us know!  Contact Us

Do You Want to Help Clark County Wildlife?

Imagine a wildlife center dedicated to the principles of Compassion, Advocacy, Rehabilitation & Education (CARE) for Southwest Washington’s Wildlife.     

                   Together we can make a lasting difference!

Contact your county commissioner and ask them to support the foundation of a wildlife center here in Clark County.  Call (360) 397-2232

or email