Dedicated to making the world a

better place one squirrel at a time

Our Mission

Squirrel Refuge is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit that functions to serve the needs of abandoned, confiscated, orphaned, sick and injured rodents of the Sciuridae (squirrel) family.   Our goal is to further the well being of these amazing creatures; as well as, provide a source of accurate information through public education to further care and concern for all wildlife - from the least to the greatest.  

While squirrels are our passion and the fundamental purpose of Squirrel Refuge, we recognize that we are often the only option (other than euthanasia*) for all of Clark County’s orphaned and injured wildlife.  It is our policy to do what we can to provide care and comfort within the limits of our expertise and resources.  In many cases, we provide initial care, and arrange transfer and placement to other centers or rehabilitators statewide.

Wildlife Rehabilitation

Squirrel Refuge is run by Clark County’s only licensed wildlife rehabilitator. We work with local veterinarians, the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW), wildlife experts across the nation, and a network of volunteers to facilitate professional and humane care in all phases of rehabilitation for orphaned, sick, and injured wildlife. We strive to ensure each animal is treated with respect and compassion, and receives timely care under the supervision of a licensed wildlife rehabilitator or veterinarian experienced treating wildlife.  

All wildlife rehabilitation activities center around the primary goal of returning wild animals back to their rightful place in the wild.  Where this is not possible, we strive to find appropriate placements for non-releasable animals, in accordance with state and federal wildlife regulations, in lieu of euthanasia to the greatest extent possible.

Public Education

Squirrel Refuge endeavors to provide complete, accurate, reliable and up-to-date information related to the natural history, unique needs and legislation related to Sciuridae. We encourage community support and involvement through volunteer training and public education to promote responsible concern for wild squirrels and their habitats; as well as, supply current information on the care of squirrels and links to resources that address the needs of ‘at risk’ wild and domesticated squirrels.

Our Euthanasia Policy

We take euthanasia very seriously. Washington law does not require the euthanasia of any releasable squirrel, opossum, or cottontail designated as ‘non-native’.  As such, Squirrel Refuge does not kill non-native wildlife (including eastern gray or fox squirrels) on the basis of their species, nor do we condone or support in any way this lethal, harmful and unnecessary legislation among any prey species key to the survival of many native wildlife  species up the food chain.   Euthanasia is employed as a last option and is always carefully overseen to ensure minimal stress on the animal.

*Euthanasia is the purposeful killing of a living being.

Squirrel Refuge Incorporation and bylaws are filed with Washington Secretary of State

Squirrel Refuge is licensed to conduct legal wildlife rehabilitation activities through the WDFW; however, we are not part of the WDFW.  We are privately run by non-paid volunteers. For permit verification, go to the WDFW wildlife rehabilitation page.